The fastest path to interior design lead generation is to connect with other businesses who already serve your ideal client but aren’t competing with you. Instead of creating your own visibility and credibility, you can leverage theirs; this is the path to building Profit Partners. Here are three you’ll want to consider. #1 Interior Design […]

Interior Design Lead Generation: 3 Sources

Interior design lead generation in action.

Interior design marketing strategies only work when you apply them to your business. The point of the strategies here is to generate more quality leads for your interior design business in a lot less time. #1 Create a Most Wanted Poster for Your Ideal Client (3 maximum) What you think about you bring about, and […]

7 Interior Design Marketing Strategies: Get More Leads

Interior Design Marketing Strategies for Ideal Clients

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How you connect to clients is more important than ever before. It’s not enough to send a well intentioned, carefully crafted statement of your interior design practice’s COVID19 response. Everyone is doing that. This crisis requires a lot more if you want to keep your current clients, nurture past clients as a source of repeat […]

Connect to Clients: 7 Keys for Designers During COVID19

Connect to clients when they've got kids underfoot during COVID19.

The fastest path to growing your business and your revenue is to build better client relationships.  Business is all about relationships, and particularly the business of design.  As design professionals we often have unprecedented access to our clients’ private lives and idiosyncrasies (whether we want to or not!) The stronger the relationship you craft, the […]

5 Simple Steps to Build Better Client Relationships

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As an interior designer you got into business with a passion to change people’s lives through design, and now you want to know how to make more money in interior design. The design landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. The advent of the internet, design centers opening to the public, online design, and […]

How to Make More Money in Interior Design

How to Make More Money in Interior Design, Interior Design Consultant, Interior Design Business Coach

The fastest way to build client trust in today’s high tech world is by being in touch. It’s ironic that in the age of endless channels of communication it is challenging to be remembered as meaningful and valuable. So how do you stand out? The key is to craft a touch campaign that is consistent […]

10 Ways to Build Client Trust & Stay In Touch

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A great business relationship is a lot like dating. If you are good at dating and courting, it is likely you are going to be good in business. You understand the nuances of client attraction (lead generation), how to warm them up, how to ensure they are qualified (you wouldn’t just date anyone, now would […]

Client Attraction: 7 Sexy Stages to Client Courtship

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Best Interior Design Business Coach As a small business marketing consultant and coach, I meet a lot of business owners who seem to have more social media icons on their website than they do clients in their practice. If this sounds like you, this is a poverty producing imbalance and indicator that your time is […]

Small Business Marketing: 5 Revenue Generating Activities To Boost Cash Flow

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I have worked with many clients who aren’t networking face to face. They are playing online and not getting any traction in their business. Too often networking is NOT working because of a lack of clarity around the transformation and impact they provide. See if this sounds like you! (All names are changed for privacy […]

Episode #3 ~ How to Craft Your Irresistible 30 Second Elevator Pitch & Networking Intro

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