Interior design marketing can swallow you whole and leave you with less time for clients and creative design work than it takes to market. UGH! Stop trying to do it all and get super selective. Yes, I know you’ve likely been told on a webinar, read in a blog post, seen in a video, or […]

Interior Design Marketing: Instead of Doing Everything, Do This

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When you’re taking time off for the holidays, you can boost your interior design social media. In fact, what social media thrives on isn’t just pretty interior images, they also want to see you. Leverage the hashtag #interiordesignerslife along with other selected tags to build your brand across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, even while you’re […]

Boost Your Interior Design Social Media at the Holidays

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Credibility is your key ingredient to enhancing business relationships and knowing how to boost credibility simply and powerfully will transform your profitability. One of the greatest aspects of the Social Age we are in is that there are so many simple ways for people to find out about you, to sample your expertise, to experience […]

10 Winning Ways to Boost Credibility and Attract More Clients

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I’ve started having to scroll through junk again these days since my email filters have gone wonky. To my horror I discovered . . . (WATCH the VIDEO) that I’ve been added arbitrarily, no permission asked (and none granted), to even more mailing lists belonging to colleagues, business acquaintances and networking contacts. This is NOT […]

Episode #5: Stop Spamming Me! How to Avoid Email Etiquette Fails

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How NOT to be Human I know that the title sounds kind of silly, so let’s look at this for a minute. If you are anything like me, you are bombarded by internet marketing messages that are “personalized” for you but in fact are incredibly impersonal. I am even getting these now through LinkedIn from […]

Pull Back the Curtain: Does Your Market Know You are Human?

How to Be Human In Marketing, Marketing the Human Side, Humancentric Marketing, Putting the Human Back in Marketing

The first obvious challenge most business owners have is defining their ideal client. Nailing down who your ideal client and target market is, is your first step to business success.  And the key is to select no more than three primary targets, not 23 and definitely not 53. Scattered efforts yield scattered results. Once you’ve […]

Lead Generation: 5 Proven Places to Find Your Ideal Client

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Albert Einstein once declared, “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.” And by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us that we can get ahead faster. Success does NOT have to be as difficult as most people make it. Here […]

Marketing Strategy: How to Build Trust with Your Market Quickly and Simply

Got some awesome lessons in customer service during a recent stay at The Hotel Palomar in Chicago. First I should say that I am a sucker for modern luxury hotels, however with a business degree in hospitality management I am also a stickler for details and pay close attention to service. They began with a […]

Marketing Strategies for Small Business: How to Win Customers and Influence Clients

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Did you drink the Koolaid? Are you convinced that just by having a group logo or name attached to your online profile on Linkedin or Facebook that you are somehow more desirable. Do you believe this will boost your visibility and credibility? GET OVER IT. The reality is that the only way group membership makes […]

5 Really Great Reasons NOT to Join Another Group: Networking Success Tips

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