Your interior design business mindset will determine your success or struggle. The great news is that you can change it! See how here…


Create a growth business mindset to achieve your big goals.

Setting and calculating interior design fees today is quite possibly the most challenging part of growing your interior design practice. You want to be fair to clients and transparent, at the same time you want to make a good living and have a profitable business that you love. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, […]

6 Ways to Calculate Interior Design Fees with Transparency

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Have you ever been in a networking meeting and after speaking with just a handful of attendees, you felt like yelling “stop being so small,play a bigger game!”  (Oops, is that just me?) It happened just the other day . . . It was frustrating because I was in a room filled with wildly well-educated […]

Mindset Mastery: Do You Want to Be Safe or Successful?

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I did a survey to my community this week and have to say that I was blown away by the responses. And I want to let you know that I have faced (and still do on some days) the very same challenges that you laid out to me. One of the biggest that you mentioned […]

How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Back on Track: Move It Forward

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Business owners and entrepreneurs have learned how to weather the storms; know the keys to capitalizing in a downturn; and get the secret to succeeding where others will fail. Are you ready to take your small business to the next level?

Profit By Design: 10 Surefire Steps to Creating YOUR Prosperous Economy

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If you are a solopreneur, business owner, or home based CEO, you work for yourself. Oh, I know you actually work for your clients but my point is you aren’t working for some large corporation, punching a time clock. In fact, you probably work longer hours than you ever did if you worked in corporate […]

Is Getting a Job the Answer When Your Business Isn’t Thriving?

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A few months ago I was working on a design project that involved coordinating a lot of subcontractors, working with multiple suppliers, and juggling a lot of different hats and responsibilities all at one time. It is something I love to do and the only way I can make it work is to have the […]

Is One Bad Attitude to Blame for Spoiling a Bunch of Your Bottomline?

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Have you ever noticed that most of the “stuff” they try to sell us here on the information super highway, on television, and at the big box retailers has the tag “easy” attached to it? In fact most everything I see has “quick and easy” attached to it. Whether it’s about getting rich (never quick […]

Stuff You Need to Know to Succeed: It’s Simple, It’s Not Easy

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There are lots of reasons you may lose a sale, and there are three that you can correct immediately. #1 Failure to Be Ready to Close the Deal and Take Their Money I was working with someone this week who, when I offered them payment, they said “no thanks, it will mess up our bookkeeping, […]

Stuff You Need to Know to Succeed: Are you trying to sell the way you buy?

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